California Fun

Big SurEveryone who knows me knows that I travel any chance I get. I love seeing new sights, exploring different places, visiting family and friends, and meeting new people. I say – make the time and save the money to see all you can see in your lifetime. And of course I do it for the research! I love including some of the places I visit in my books. California has given me many options and ideas for upcoming stories. The fresh, open air of the ocean. Crisp blue skies you just want to get lost in. Probably one of my favorites is the sound of waves crashing against the rocks. The rumble of the wave coming in, then the splash and spray as it pounds the stone. That has to be one of nature’s most relaxing sounds. (I’ll post a video of that on my facebook page for your pleasure.)

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the pictures I took recently when I visited my son in Big Sur trailPacific Grove, CA. There was a lot to see right there near his house. We walked the streets of Monterey. Watched the Harbor Seals play on the beach. They are hilarious! Browsed the shops on Cannery Row. Wine tasting (of course!). Hiked the trails of Big Sur. Breathtaking view of Pfeiffer Falls. And enjoyed a lunch sitting on a rock next to a beautiful beach. Nature at her best!

I hope you enjoy this little peek into my world! It brings me such joy to be able to share these memories with you!



Pacific GrovePfeiffer FallsLovers PointHarbor Seals

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