#flipflopfriday – 2016 Live it!

2016 Live itFrantic Thanksgiving festivities are behind us. On to the remaining 35 days of 2015. Are you ready for the hustle and bustle of Black Friday? Long lines at midnight. Cranky people in their pajamas waiting to get their hands on that specially priced item. Cyber Monday? Yeah, it’s okay to wear your pj’s at home while you eagerly hit the Refresh button on your keyboard. Who would’ve ever thought these shopping days would get so crazy?!


How about putting up that Christmas tree this weekend? That’s traditionally when I take on that task. My hubby thinks I am nuts because the tree has to be just the right one. But he loves me and tolerates my obsession. And I love him right back! Strolling through the aisles of fresh smelling pines, looking for just the right tree – it just has to be a real one. Then loading it in the back of the pickup truck and hauling it inside the house. …No, not there. Move it over two feet. Wait, it’s crooked. Oh, it looks much better in that corner. Now keep Oscar (spoiled cat) away from it.

oscar by m&m






Then there is Christmas Mass, dinner, presents, family, friends… Oh just give me another glass of Moscato and the beach. Seriously, I love Christmas and all of the holiday craziness. Lwine and beachove seeing the joy on my kids’ faces when they open their gifts, watching them stuff their bellies with good food, loving the camaraderie they share with each other. Sad face this year because my son will not be here. Sometimes those plane tickets and time off work just don’t allow it. But the best part is, we love each other and are thankful for each other, and we all know it.

Now on to the New Year! Forget all those resolutions that we never keep. Don’t stress over them. Just live your life to the fullest. Do good. Help others. Keep a positive attitude and smile every day. It will change your life. Remember – Every day is a good day. Most days are better!

2016 – Live it!

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor

~~ No, that is not my tree. I am not that creative. That would be my assistant’s work. Thanks to Milestones & Memories by Brandy Deshotel for the tree and the photos. (look her up on facebook)

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