#flipflopfriday – Dome Bound…

footballCountry back-roads. Old dirt roads. Open fields. There lies Bayou Serpent which separates the Greyhounds and the Yellow Jackets. Two high school football teams fighting for the right to play in the Dome. They’ve already met once this year. Now it’s down to the playoffs. Who are these teams and who will win this battle?

To the south of the bayou, lies the town of Welsh. Surrounded by open rice fields, renowned for its goose and duck hunting. Welsh Greyhounds bring all they have to the field. They know their opponent is tough. Heck, they’ve battled them many times. But they are ready. Practice, play reviews, drills, sweat, confidence, more practice… Preparations have led them to this day.

To the north of the bayou, lies the town of Kinder. Nestled further into the woodlands, they are known for deer and squirrel hunting. Kinder Yellow Jackets are waiting on the sidelines. They also know their opponent is tough. Advantage – home field. Even so, they prepare for a battle. Field practice, sweat, training, courage, practice again… Their field and players are ready for the competition.

It’s the battle of 2A High School football playoffs. These two teams have the support of their towns behind them. It is a friendly rivalry. My opinion on the winner – I refrain from comments because I am from real Jacket land #iowayellowjackets territory, but it is a family rivalry in my house. My husband is from Kinder, both of my kids are from Welsh. You can imagine the conversations!

May the team with the least mistakes win! The best thing about living in a small community is the support of your own team, as well as the support of the surrounding teams. No matter who wins this battle Friday night, both teams are winners. The communities will engage in friendly football rivalry until the end. After that, both communities will support whichever team goes on to New Orleans to compete for the state title in the Superdome.

Good luck to the Welsh Greyhounds and the Kinder Yellow Jackets!!

One thought on “#flipflopfriday – Dome Bound…

  1. Excellent write up about small, southern towns and their love of football. As a grandmother with grandchildren on Kinder’s football team, danceline, and cheersquad…I have this to say…”Go Jackets!” But, you are correct when you say that no matter the victor, I’ll be pulling for that team to win at the superdome. So, if Welsh wins tomorrow night, I’ll be saying “Go Greyhounds!” for the next week! Nice post!

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