#flipflopfriday – Cover Reveal, Rafflecopter, Radio Show

SMOKE AND MIRRORS: It is getting so close, I cannot hold in my excitement!! So, here’s the blurb and a teaser of the cover…. Sorry, just a teaser for now. Read all the way to the end of this post to get details about when the full cover will be revealed. It’s really soon.

cover teaserDrug deal and Murder: In her fight for justice, Abby Monroe is forced to flee to protect herself and her family, seeking out the only man she’s ever fully trusted. Seeing him again threatens not only her safety, but her heart as well.

Injuries and Betrayal: After a close call with death, Graeme Tucker made some changes. No women, no danger. Just him and his beach bar. Until Abby shows up asking for his help and twisting his heart. 

Lies and Deception: As Graeme and Abby struggle to stop a gang of ruthless criminals, old flames are rekindled. But all is not as it seems. Will Graeme stand by his word to protect Abby, or does he have a sinister agenda of his own?


contest basket mar 2016RAFFLECOPTER – Join Authors on the Air, Poised Pen Productions, and several other sponsors for their biggest giveaway ever… Currently valued at over $500. Follow the Rafflecopter link below to enter. Deadline March 13th. You still have time… Ready… Set… Go!!!      RAFFLECOPTER ENTRY LINK

contestMar 2016




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Authors on the Air Global Radio Network is a digital radio talk show that introduces authors and their books to readers and listeners. Join them! It is a fun show!

MARCH 9TH, 9 pm Eastern (8 Central), I will be a guest on their show, along with a few other talented authors. Join us for a fun discussion. You may get insider information on books, events, and the authors.

COVER REVEAL: The official cover for Smoke and Mirrors will be announced during the live show. You won’t want to miss it!

Follow Authors on the Air – events and follow me, Taylor Anne, for details.

Yes, it has been a busy few weeks. This is the good stuff!!! I’ll not mention the difficult life stuff…. We all experience life’s ups and downs. Just know that when it feels like you can’t go on anymore, YOU CAN!! BE STRONG AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! LOVE THE ONES YOU LOVE WHILE YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY….

Til next time,

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor

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