Wednesday’s Writing Workout – Cover Reveal


Abby and Graeme are very pleased with their cover!! The official cover for Smoke and Mirrors —-


Drug deal and Murder: In her fight for justice, Abby Monroe is forced to flee to protect herself and her family, seeking out the only man she’s ever fully trusted. Seeing him again threatens not only her safety, but her heart as well.

Injuries and Betrayal: After a close call with death, Graeme Tucker made some changes. No women, no danger. Just him and his beach bar. Until Abby shows up asking for his help and twisting his heart. 

Lies and Deception: As Graeme and Abby struggle to stop a gang of ruthless criminals, old flames are rekindled. But all is not as it seems. Will Graeme stand by his word to protect Abby, or does he have a sinister agenda of his own?


Next step: Book release information. You will find out as soon as I do! I am anxiously waiting to hear from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press.

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Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor




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