Music – What’s it to you?

What does music mean to you? What is your “go to” sounds? With all of the genres to choose from, a person can find something to brighten their moment. The soothing sounds of an orchestra or the uplifting lyrics of Christian can lift a somber mood, get someone through grief, or even give comfort to the sick. Country and love songs remind us of love gone bad – or good. The lyrics tell of dreams found, lovers lost. Rock and Pop can get those feet moving, get a body energized.

Music completes me. It is a part of what I am made of. Whether I am riding in my car, sitting outside enjoying the fresh air, or writing a scene in one of my books, music is in my soul. I love putting songs in my writing, letting my characters get lost in the sounds of instruments and allowing the lyrics to have meaning in their lives. I listen to everything from Classic, Christian, Pop, 80’s (of course!), Country, Jazz, and whatever else…

What are some of your favorite songs? What genre of music do you find yourself listening to most often? Do you have a favorite artist or group? Throw those comments out there, let’s see what you like.

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Till next time – Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor

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