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2016_10_21-lisa-coots-pictureWelcome Lisa Coots!! Just in time for Halloween – and who likes Halloween better than a Paranormal writer? Probably no one. Lisa Coots included. Her paranormal romantic tales will fill you with magic and leave you with hope!


Not just words. These are the titles in Lisa’s Coeur du Bayou Trilogy.

Hop on over to her Amazon page and see 2016_10_21-lisa-coots-promisefor yourself.


PROMISE Coeur du Bayou Trilogy Book 1








HOPE Coeur du Bayou Trilogy Book 2





Now pick up Lisa’s latest in the Coeur du Bayou Trilogy.

MAGIC Coeur du Bayou Trilogy Book 3

The quiet Louisiana town of Cypress Point has held its share of secrets throughout the years and Serena Del Toro has been keeping some of her own. Those secrets begin to unravel on a stormy night when the angry spirit of Richie makes an a2016_10_21-lisa-coots-magicppearance, along with a mysterious stranger claiming to be Serena’s husband. Mason Del Toro has spent years desperately searching for Serena. Wanting to heal the rift between them, he soon finds himself pulled into the strange happenings at Coeur du Bayou. Now that he has found Serena, will the magic that holds them together also threaten to tear them apart? Will Claire and Evan’s wedding happen? Is Faith and Jake’s relationship strong enough to survive the mystery of Coeur du Bayou’s past? All secrets are revealed in this thrilling climax of the Coeur du Bayou Trilogy, a paranormal romance filled with promise, hope, and magic!


About Lisa and where you can find her:

Lisa Coots grew up in the tiny Louisiana village of Lacassine, but has always yearned for the challenge of a new adventure. Her youthful dreams ranged from the artistic: as a sketch artist and painter; to the studious: as a writer and librarian.

Lisa’s dreams were nudged aside, as dreams often are, by conventional reality. Marriage and motherhood came easily to her and she successfully raised three remarkable children and an amazing husband. When the first pangs of empty nest syndrome came a rapping, she eagerly returned to the artistic passions of her youth; painting, designing, and of course, writing.

Lisa Coots now lives in a slightly larger village in Louisiana with her loving family and lots of furry friends.

Website               http://lisacoots.com/

Amazon               https://www.amazon.com/Lisa-Coots/e/B00NMVH1A6/

Facebook            https://www.facebook.com/lisacootsauthor/

Twitter                 https://twitter.com/mamacoots

Thanks for stopping by to visit with Lisa Coots. Happy reading!



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