2017 Celebrate Big!

newyearseve-2017Are you ready to ring in the New Year? Out with 2016, in with 2017. It’s time to make new resolutions, set goals, get over the past year, and decide to make every day the best day! Before all of that can happen, we have to celebrate. Parties, friends, family, party favors, or even spending time alone. What kind of New Year’s Eve party-goer are you?


Champagne – You hit all the big parties, rushing from one to another. The excitement newyearseve-champagepumps you up, putting you on a natural high. You’re in it for that midnight bell. There is no stopping you.

*** Bubbles and party hats keep you going!



Wine – Red, white, dry, sweet. Whatever your choice, you will hold onto that wine glass all newyearseve-winenight. Mingle with family and friends, tend to the kids, and gladly kiss your significant other at midnight.

*** The glass is always full!



Beer – You gather around the fireplace with friends and reminisce about the yenewyearseve-beerar that passed while making plans for the year ahead. There is no time to slow down.

*** Pop a top on another one!




Whiskey – Party with your friends or drink alone, you are just so relieved this year is over. newyearseve-whiskey There’s no point in making plans for 2017, you just roll with whatever is thrown your way.

*** Mix it well!



Or, are you somewhere in between? Whichever you relate to, and whatever your plans for New Year’s Eve are, make the most of it. Give someone a smile and a hug and enjoy your night!

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Best wishes to you in 2017.

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor

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