What is your reason to write?

What is your reason to write? Your why? Maybe it’s your life dream to become a stay-at-home author making a full-time income. Maybe you treat it as a hobby. Writing is an escape from daily life as well as a stress reliever. Or maybe it is your passion. Dig deep into yourself and pinpoint where you are going with your writing.

Creating fictional stories is my way of escaping and relaxing. I wrap my head around my characters’ lives and experience what they experience. Feel their pain, struggles, tears, laughter, joy, and love. At the end of my stories there is always a Happily Ever After. So if my world gets dark, I rely on my characters to pull me out of that funk.

Writing is my passion, my reason to write. Through that passion, I create romance books where readers are lost in a fictional world for a few hours. They can throw their worries aside for a while and walk a different journey through my characters. If one person finds their escape, then I have succeeded.

My writing expedition has also led me down the path of empowering other authors. I enjoy sharing my experiences in order to make someone else’s journey a little easier. Through blogs, Facebook posts, videos, and books, I hope to help someone find their way to their writing dream.

There are many reasons for venturing down the author road. None are wrong. You just have to find the right reason to write that fits you. Find out your why for writing and you will be on your way. Whatever your reason, embrace it!

Next week I am beginning a series of blogs focusing on Writers’ Initiatives, Needs, and Expertise. (yes, that translates to W.I.N.E. – you know I can’t resist the correlation.) This will include what you need to get started, your needs during your journey, and how to tie it all up nice, neatly, and expertly.

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