Seven steps to writing

Initiatives – Introductory acts or steps. Once you’ve decided on your reason for writing (see last week’s post) you need to take the initiative to get it rolling. There are many steps needed in the beginning of your journey, however, this week I’m focusing on just a few of those initial acts. They are geared to keep you on track and on fire. Below is a list of seven steps to writing your way to your goal.

No one except you can make your writing dreams a reality. Get in the right frame of mind and keep pushing forward. Remember, it’s totally up to you to make writing work for you.

Writers’ Initiatives – Your beginning

Seven steps to writing:

  • Have a deep desire to write your best book.
  • Keep a positive attitude in order to achieve your goals.
  • Define your personalized creative space. (Spare room, kitchen table, coffee shop)
  • Learn a basic knowledge of the craft.
  • Enlist a writing buddy to toss ideas around with.
  • Seek the support of family and friends.
  • Gain the confidence to go forth with your plans.

Take the initiative to advance your writing.

Next week I will discuss Writers’ Needs, followed by Writers’ Expertise the following week. Each step focuses on a different part of the journey, however, they all work together. In the end, you will have the basic knowledge to get started, push through, and end up with a great product. At the end of this blog series, I will have a special download offer for you. Follow this blog for updates.

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