Cruises and proposals

Carnival Triumph

Cruises and proposals. What could be more romantic? As a writer, this was a great story opportunity. I love taking real life stories and intertwining them in my books. As a romantic, oh my, how sweet!

Every cruise we take, we always go to the Love and Marriage show. It’s a throwback of The Newlywed Game for those of us who remember that t.v. show. Laughter rolls as you listen to the contestants answer questions about each other. Watch out when they start asking about exes. Oh, and to add some extra fun, play along with your own spouse. Just keep it lighthearted – maybe skip the ex questions. lol.

This last cruise we went on, there was a twist to the Love and Marriage game. The cruise director, Jess, called up the three sets of contestants. Couples that had been married the least amount of time (3 days), the most amount of time (44 years), and somewhere in between. Before beginning with the shenanigans, the cruise director asked the audience who had been dating for the longest time. A couple in the front row had been together 17 years and never tied the knot. (This couple was from my state of Louisiana!)

Jess brought them up on stage. Yes, you guessed it – he got down on one knee and presented her with a ring, and asked her to marry him. Of course she said YES!! I mean, would any woman say no in front of hundreds of onlookers? AWWWW…. how sweet that was! A refreshing twist to an old game.

Confession time:

So tell me, where were you proposed to? Or if it was just too common to mention (like mine was), share with me your fantasy proposal. Not everyone has a cruises and proposals story, but each person’s is unique to them.

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Let’s hear those stories!!

Till next time,

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor

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