A casino, a cop, and two women

I am a romance author. Surely I can overcome a struggle with tying up the details of a murder scene in a romantic suspense book.

During the writing of Smoke and Mirrors, I came to a question point. I had the murder / drug deal laid out for Abby to witness. The issue I was having was how to capture the villains’ actions so they could be pinned with the crime.

Jump to the below:

My bff and I were at a local casino deli shop. It was late and we were getting hungry. Our hubbies had left us to ourselves earlier in the day. We spent the afternoon working on our crafts – yes, with the casino calling us from down the hall. The thing is, when we get together for a girls’ weekend, we work. As in, I write and she works on her projects. In this case, the casino was just a convenience because the night before we and our hubbies went to a concert. We just needed a room to work, eat, and sleep.

Standing in line waiting to order our food, we continue our previous conversation about how tosmoke and mirrors cover photo catch these criminals in Smoke and Mirrors.

“But remember, he’s a dirty cop. So he knows how to set the scene,” Brandy said.

“Yeah, but he’s not thinking straight at this point. That’s not our problem. We need to figure out how the cops catch them. They’re in an alley in the streets of New Orleans.”

We both look at the man in front of us. He is glancing at us over his shoulder. And he is a cop. He’s probably wondering why the hell these two drunk women are discussing dirty cops, murder, and drug deals. (BTW – we were not drunk. Maybe a little tipsy.)

“Ask him,” Brandy whispers (loudly) to me.

I shake my head. “I don’t know.” Yes, she is the more outspoken of the two of us. So she turns to him, I turn red, and she digs in.

“Sir, my friend here is a romance author and we need a cop’s perspective. Not that you are a dirty cop or anything, but can you help?”

He smiles. There is no way he is believing this. But, he humors us anyway. “Sure.”

“No, really. I am an author. My son directed me to Lieutenant XXX, and I reached out to him, but he’s been very busy.” I said this hoping to convince him we are real.

“Your son?” I gave him my stepson’s name, who is on the local force. He laughed. I look at my friend and wonder what’s so funny. This cop shows me the name of whose dinner he is picking up at the deli. It just so happens to be my daughter-in-law. Yep, my stepson’s wife was working as a dispatcher at the same station as this cop.

We all had a good laugh, and then he asked what our dilemma was with the story. Brandy and I animatedly give him a very brief rundown of the story and the scene I’m struggling with. To know us is to know that when we discuss either one of our projects, we get very excited. So, again, I’m sure this cop thought we were nuts. But in the end, he gave us the solution we needed.

Then he went back to work, delivered my daughter-in-law her dinner, and asked her if I really was a romance author. (yikes) Although I never got his name, he is mentioned in the Dedication of Smoke and Mirrors.

It’s all about research and resources.

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