A Christmas for Santa

A Christmas for Santa

a christmas for santa cover photoChristmas…. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Until Jill McDowell’s niece is taken from a busy mall. Scared, alone, and feeling helpless, Jill welcomes Santa’s help and his take-charge attitude. With Chloe’s life in danger, can Jill trust this man’s mesmerizing eyes and sexy grin?

Santa jumps into action the second Chloe goes missing. Tossing aside his own fears and insecurities, Matthew Webb will do anything to protect Jill from experiencing the agony he knows cuts straight to the heart. The anguish of losing your own child.

Matt’s heart and soul, tormented by the demons that have plagued him for three years, now fights for the chance to have Jill and her five-year old niece in his life. But is their love for Matt, and of Christmas, enough to take the scrooge out of Santa?

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