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Seven steps to writing

Initiatives – Introductory acts or steps. Once you’ve decided on your reason for writing (see last week’s post) you need to take the initiative to get it rolling. There are many steps needed in the beginning of your journey, however, this week I’m focusing on just a few of those initial acts. They are geared to keep you on track and on fire. Below is a list of seven steps to writing your way to your goal.

No one except you can make your writing dreams a reality. Get in the right frame of mind and keep pushing forward. Remember, it’s totally up to you to make writing work for you.

Writers’ Initiatives – Your beginning

Seven steps to writing:

  • Have a deep desire to write your best book.
  • Keep a positive attitude in order to achieve your goals.
  • Define your personalized creative space. (Spare room, kitchen table, coffee shop)
  • Learn a basic knowledge of the craft.
  • Enlist a writing buddy to toss ideas around with.
  • Seek the support of family and friends.
  • Gain the confidence to go forth with your plans.

Take the initiative to advance your writing.

Next week I will discuss Writers’ Needs, followed by Writers’ Expertise the following week. Each step focuses on a different part of the journey, however, they all work together. In the end, you will have the basic knowledge to get started, push through, and end up with a great product. At the end of this blog series, I will have a special download offer for you. Follow this blog for updates.

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(W.I.N.E.) Writers’ Initiatives, Needs, and Expertise

She dreamed. She achieved.

Are you an author or other small business owner needing help with blogs, About Me pages, or website page content?  As an author myself, I know that the written word is not everyone’s strong point. Not sure if your information flows? Does it draw your prospective client? Grammar and spelling have you stumped? Or do you just want more information on the writing world? I can help you with that!

Are you a reader who has questions about an author’s life? What is their schedule like? Where do they find time to write? The list is endless as to what a reader wants to know about their favorite author. Get to know authors as your friends. We all share something in common. Let’s find out what that is.

From personal experience, I know that authors are always learning, growing, and needing help with one task or another. Or sometimes they simply have a question to ask. Or there is an idea running rampant in their head and they want input – will that make a good book / scene; is that something a person (character) would actually do or say; how do I get that idea on paper? Maybe you just need a little positive encouragement. Whatever your needs, I can help you with that!

In the next months I will be bringing you (authors and readers) information you can connect with. It may be a video or a post informing you of an important step in your author journey. It may be an inside look at how I created a scene, or where my inspiration came from. Journey with me and find your own encouragement and inspiration.

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Rejection – or simply NOT NOW?

The Librarian Talks recently had me as a guest on her blog. Thank you for allowing me to share my story. I posted about rejection – it does not always mean no. You can find the full article here: The Librarian Talks.

After reading the post when it went live, I realized a couple of things.

1.) Although the article spoke of an author receiving a rejection letter, this concept could apply to any small business. The photographer that receives a NO to the photos she spent time and money producing; the online retail party that had few, if any, guests show up; and the list goes on. No matter what your profession / hobby, don’t let a NO turn you away from your passion.

2.) “My advice to beginning authors is never give up. Seek your dreams and pursue your goals with everything you have. One day that NOT NOW will turn into your REALITY.” My advice in the article was directed to authors in particular. Authors need to hear this. But so do all other business owners, dream seekers, and hobby enthusiasts.

So, hop on over the The Librarian Talks blog, read my post, and apply it to your life. Your dream!

Till next time,

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor

Nothing worth having comes easy…

nothing-worth-having-comes-easyTrue in every sense. No matter what you are after in life, short term or long term, you have to work for it. Your dream will not simply fall into your lap. There will be ups and downs along the way. That is all part of the process.

Celebrate those victories – That email from a client or publisher, that encouraging message from a friend, finishing the rough draft you’ve been working on – no matter how small they may seem, these are part of the bigger picture that will help you obtain your goal. These are only a few of the little achievements that push us forward; keep us moving.

Embrace the pitfalls – The dreaded rejection letter, a bad review, not meeting a deadline – these are the obstacles that discourage us. Embrace the moment; have the pity party. Then suck it up and move on. Learn from these instances.

A personal story: This four-day weekend was my planning time for 2017. I was going to lay out the calendar, schedule some blogs, make contacts, etc. Yeah, no, that didn’t happen. Four days wasted because of a hurt arm. I was in so much pain and nauseated, that I had to resort to the pain pills prescribed by the Urgent Care doctor. That put me in a la-la-land cycle for three full days. Wake up, move around a little, eat, take meds, fall asleep, wake up and do it all over again. There just wasn’t anything in me that remotely wanted to open my computer or notebook and get cracking on this new year. Today, finally, a little relief. With my arm propped up on pillows, I figured now was as good a time to get started as Friday would have been.

The reason I tell you this story – Nothing worth having comes easy… No matter what your goal / dream is, and no matter what your obstacles are, you can push through it and achieve what is yours. Claim it. The setbacks will come. Get through them and cheer with the accomplishments! Best wishes to you in 2017!

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor

2017 Celebrate Big!

newyearseve-2017Are you ready to ring in the New Year? Out with 2016, in with 2017. It’s time to make new resolutions, set goals, get over the past year, and decide to make every day the best day! Before all of that can happen, we have to celebrate. Parties, friends, family, party favors, or even spending time alone. What kind of New Year’s Eve party-goer are you?


Champagne – You hit all the big parties, rushing from one to another. The excitement newyearseve-champagepumps you up, putting you on a natural high. You’re in it for that midnight bell. There is no stopping you.

*** Bubbles and party hats keep you going!



Wine – Red, white, dry, sweet. Whatever your choice, you will hold onto that wine glass all newyearseve-winenight. Mingle with family and friends, tend to the kids, and gladly kiss your significant other at midnight.

*** The glass is always full!



Beer – You gather around the fireplace with friends and reminisce about the yenewyearseve-beerar that passed while making plans for the year ahead. There is no time to slow down.

*** Pop a top on another one!




Whiskey – Party with your friends or drink alone, you are just so relieved this year is over. newyearseve-whiskey There’s no point in making plans for 2017, you just roll with whatever is thrown your way.

*** Mix it well!



Or, are you somewhere in between? Whichever you relate to, and whatever your plans for New Year’s Eve are, make the most of it. Give someone a smile and a hug and enjoy your night!

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Best wishes to you in 2017.

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor