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Smoking HOT Cover Reveal!!

Smoke and Embers cover is smoking hot and ready to be shared! Join myself and some fabulous authors as we celebrate the reveal. Say hi to your favorites, and meet some new authors. We have a fun-filled evening planned, so grab your computer, a comfy seat, and a nice soothing beverage and come play with us!!

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Flip Flop Friday – Ready for summer and parasailing


I have done this and love the thrill of flying high over the open waters. On your next beach trip, try it! It is exhilarating!

I found this fun and interesting article:

Parasailing is a terrific and fun adventure sport. Choosing to do a parasailing adventure will be something you do not regret. This article discusses 10 parasailing facts that you didn’t know.

• Parasailing is not considered a sport activity but more of a recreational activity. Intended to be a fun ride and not to be mixed up with the sport counterpart which is paragliding.

• Youngest Parasailer – Three year old Aditya Pratap Singh Chauhan is recorded to be the youngest to parasail for two minutes at Air Force Station Jammu, India in 2002.

• Oldest Parasailer – N.K. Mahajan in Lonavala, India. He was 88 years old when he did this feat. He is the oldest parasailer recorded in the Indian Limca Book of Records.

• A parasailing landing is usually done in water where the parasailer unhooks from the parasail and lands into the water. This process is called “splashdown”.

• Parasailing was accidentally discovered in the 60′s by Pierre Lamoigne who attached a parachute to his moving car to help his training for safe landings.

• There are 3 methods used in parasailing:
a) Beach parasailing. This method is considered the most dangerous of all three where the take off is from a beach front.
b) Platform Method. In this method the launch is similar to the beach method but steering instructions are not that necessary.
c) Winch boat parasailing. Considered the safest of all methods. Launch and recovery of the parasailer starts and ends on the boat deck.

• Winch Boat Parasailing is the most popular of all the parasailing methods. In this procedure, the parasailer does not land on water rather he returns to the launch point which is the boat’s deck. A hydraulic winch is attached to the boat that allows the parasailer to be reeled back onto the boat. The world’s first winch boat was tested under the supervision of Mark McCulloh in 1974 and was patented in October 26, 1976, then introduced commercially in the mid 80′s.

• Ideal wind speed for parasailing is 12-27 MPH.

• Waterbird – the name of the first 16-gore canopy design made for the purpose of parasailing. Brian Gaskin designed, created and tested this revolutionary canopy design in early 1974 which allowed it to be used over water without much liquid absorption. Given the success of his creation, Gaskin founded his company a year after naming it Waterbird Parakites which is still in operation today.

• Mark Mculloh, Miami, Florida was one of the main contributors in parasailing. His inventions, innovations and accomplishments mostly focused on the improvement of parasailing safety through equipment design. To this day, his inventions have set the standards in parasailing safety by which a majority of parasailers follow. McCulloh also formed the “Parasail Safety Council” in 1998 to educate and influence people about parasailing safety.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4863061

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor