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Using sensory in scenes

Do you use the five senses to create a scene?

Sight, sound, touch, smell, taste. Using at least three of the senses in each scene will give a strong punch your readers can relate to. It puts readers in the picture and let’s them interact with the characters.

Not only should you use sensory in your writing, you should also use it to write. What do I mean by that? I’ll share an example.

While writing a scene in my upcoming book, Smoke and Embers, I got to a point where I was stuck. I knew what I wanted to portray to my readers, but I couldn’t put the words on paper. I went to my readers on Facebook and asked questions. Then I took a short break. We turned up the music (I was attending a craft retreat with friends), and I took a peek at my friend’s photographs. Darkside Photography uses warm lighting in her settings to make her photos pop. After browsing through her portfolio, I sat back down for another attempt at the scene I was working on.

The song that was playing, Ride by Chase Rice, and the images of Brandy’s photographs combined in my subconscious. Sound and Sight. These senses contributed to the final scene. (sneak peek below!)


“Soft and slow this time for you baby.”

“Gentle, but make me scream.” His grin told her all she needed to know. “I want you to hear me yell your name.”

“Damn, you’re killing me.”

He laid her back on the bed, his hands explored, making her hotter. The sun streaming in through the windows cast a warm, sensual glow on his body. His eyes held her captive as he slid his hands up her legs, over the sensitive skin of her thighs, across her stomach. Tears welled up in her eyes when he leaned over and kissed where their baby was safe and secure. ~~~~ Smoke and Embers

See how the music and influence of photos helped me create a scene? Yes, this is part of a love scene, so I have to admit that the glass of Merlot I was drinking also helped.

~~~~~ Take a scene you are working on, use surrounding senses, and incorporate sensory into your words. What’s playing in the background? What do your surroundings look like? Are you having a drink? Feel what’s around you and let your imagination flow. What are your characters doing at that particular moment? What’s the weather like where they are? Are there any smells that hint at where your scene takes place? Have your characters feel everything around them.

Email me a sneak peek and I’ll give my thoughts. taylor@tayloranne.net

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(W.I.N.E.) Writers’ Initiatives, Needs, and Expertise

She dreamed. She achieved.

Are you an author or other small business owner needing help with blogs, About Me pages, or website page content?  As an author myself, I know that the written word is not everyone’s strong point. Not sure if your information flows? Does it draw your prospective client? Grammar and spelling have you stumped? Or do you just want more information on the writing world? I can help you with that!

Are you a reader who has questions about an author’s life? What is their schedule like? Where do they find time to write? The list is endless as to what a reader wants to know about their favorite author. Get to know authors as your friends. We all share something in common. Let’s find out what that is.

From personal experience, I know that authors are always learning, growing, and needing help with one task or another. Or sometimes they simply have a question to ask. Or there is an idea running rampant in their head and they want input – will that make a good book / scene; is that something a person (character) would actually do or say; how do I get that idea on paper? Maybe you just need a little positive encouragement. Whatever your needs, I can help you with that!

In the next months I will be bringing you (authors and readers) information you can connect with. It may be a video or a post informing you of an important step in your author journey. It may be an inside look at how I created a scene, or where my inspiration came from. Journey with me and find your own encouragement and inspiration.

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Rejection – or simply NOT NOW?

The Librarian Talks recently had me as a guest on her blog. Thank you for allowing me to share my story. I posted about rejection – it does not always mean no. You can find the full article here: The Librarian Talks.

After reading the post when it went live, I realized a couple of things.

1.) Although the article spoke of an author receiving a rejection letter, this concept could apply to any small business. The photographer that receives a NO to the photos she spent time and money producing; the online retail party that had few, if any, guests show up; and the list goes on. No matter what your profession / hobby, don’t let a NO turn you away from your passion.

2.) “My advice to beginning authors is never give up. Seek your dreams and pursue your goals with everything you have. One day that NOT NOW will turn into your REALITY.” My advice in the article was directed to authors in particular. Authors need to hear this. But so do all other business owners, dream seekers, and hobby enthusiasts.

So, hop on over the The Librarian Talks blog, read my post, and apply it to your life. Your dream!

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Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor

Wednesday’s Writing Workout – Word of the Day

smiley writingLooked – How many times do you use this word in your writing? Me – too many!! Here are some different ways to say the same thing. Try replacing “looked” and see how much better your words flow.

considered, glanced, noticed, stared, admired, peered, contemplated, focused, gawked, gazed, glowered, observed, viewed, studied.

Play around with different variations of verbs and nouns. It can help to make your work more interesting, and it can make it unique to your voice.

Until next time – Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor


Wednesday’s Writing Workout – Smoke and Mirrors

Will Graeme save Abby before he turns to the Dark Side?


My latest book, Smoke and Mirrors, will be released this year. Get ready for teasers, cover reveals, release date info, contests, giveaways, etc. I cannot wait to share Abby and Graeme’s experience with you. Follow me here and on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

One final word – let’s get ready for summer!!

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor