August 14, 2013

The date has been set. It took several years to finalize my writing into a book I was anxious to submit. (thanks to my editor I never gave up) Finally on November 26, 2012 I was offered a contract with The Wild Rose Press. Imagine my head spinning when I received that offer. Little did I know, the work was just beginning.

Several rounds of edits and rewrites later, the final galley was submitted and approved. Now, weeks later, I received an email with a release date.  August 14, 2013 – four months away. Sounds like a long time to wait, but my work still is not done on this. Now I have to spread the word, get my name out, and hope people will be interested enough to buy the ebook.

Then, the real wait will be upon me. Feedback from family, friends, and strangers. My heart will not be calm until then. I know some people will like it and some will not. I will receive praise and criticism. But I am ready for it because in writing and publishing this book, I have achieved one of my dreams and lifelong goals. And, yes, I will write more books. (waiting for approval on a Christmas story with TWRP)

So, I thank you all for your support and appeciate if you would help spread the word. Heat Flash release date: August 14, 2013 available at:

HeatFlash_w6509_300 copied

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