Retreats… retreats…. retreats

What is your view on retreats?  I’m talking about writing retreats, author retreats, reader retreats, etc.  I have to say I had never attended a writing retreat until a friend of mine invited me to a scrapbooking retreat. My first thought was, “Scrapbooking? Brandy, you know I am not crafty like that.” Well, turns out she wasn’t planning on scrapbooking either. She had attended a scrapbooking retreat and worked on her sewing project. She spoke to the owner of the retreat just to make sure it was okay for a writer to attend. Of course Kimberly said yes, anyone was welcome. Her concern was if a writer would get much accomplished with the hustle and bustle of crafters working.

I have to say – I am glad I went. Since that first retreat I have been to several others at the same place and yes, a writer can get some serious work done. I have been so productive at these retreats. And have met some wonderful friends.

So what is it like, you ask. Well, there are scrapbookers, crafters, stampers, quilters, and yes, me – a writer. We get to know each other. We laugh and cut up. We listen to lots of music. We eat good (Thanks to Kimberly). We stay up way past my bedtime. LOL. This particular retreat is in Galveston, TX. Guess what – Brandy and I have never been to the beach on our weekend visits. No, we stay in the house. It is our weekend to relax and be ourselves. We do take pictures of the sand and ocean as we pass in the car – haha…. And yes, we all walk away from the weekend having accomplished a lot.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a retreat, my advice is Do It! You won’t regret it. Go – have fun – be productive – and meet new people. I am so excited that Brandy and I are going back in about two months. (We try to go at least every other month). And I have to give a shout out to Kimberly at Galveston’s Red Victorian Retreats.  Thanks for all you do for us!

Please feel free to share your retreat experiences with us.

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