Wednesday’s Writing Workout — Ready, Set, … Don’t do that…


ResearchGreat job! You have completed that article, story, memoir, etc. You are now ready to submit it to an agent, editor, or publisher. Or, are you? Just a few tips to consider:

1. Don’t send in the rough draft.

Read and reread your work. Proofread it again. Have someone else check it for errors. You don’t want to have an interesting piece of work, and blow it with grammar mistakes.

2. Don’t rewrite the Submission Guidelines.

  • Agents, editors, and publishers have Submission Guidelines for a reason. Follow them. You are wanting to get published in their world. Stick to their rules. Otherwise, your piece may never even get a second glance.

3. Don’t get in a rush.

  • Seriously. Have patience. It is a waiting game. If the agent/editor/publisher’s time frame says 90 days, don’t expect an answer in 30 days. There are piles of submissions that have hit their desks in the weeks before your submission did. Yes, those will generally be reviewed before yours. Checking your email several times a day will not speed up the process. (Trust me on that. :-)) Just relax. Start working on your next piece to help pass the time.

4. Don’t keep the good news to yourself.

  • Spread the news that you have submitted something. Let family and friends know what you have done. Share it on social media. Send out teasers. Get people involved. Don’t keep your excitement all to yourself. It is better to have the support of family and friends from the beginning of your journey. Their enthusiasm for your success will bleed over to you. And it will help pass the time while you are waiting to hear back from the agent, editor, or publisher.

These are just a few general tips that I hope helps you in your writing journey. Seek the help of others and be excited about your progress. The best advice I can give anyone is to never give up on your dream. Keep fighting your way through the roadblocks.

Until next time….. keep writing…..

*** Disclaimer: It’s all about the research. Tips, suggestions, and comments are based on my opinions and experiences. What works for one, may not work for someone else. Use what works for you.



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