Flip-Flop Friday… The world keeps spinning…

feet and waterMy apologies for getting this out at the end of the day instead of in the morning. I’m not usually this off track, but, it happened. Flip-Flop Friday is about whatever it turns out to be. Fun, light-hearted, exciting. Those are my thoughts about where this blog will go. But first…

Have you ever had one of those days (weeks, months) where you feel like you are losing touch with who you are? You know – you are usually the positive, up-beat, happy, (have it all together) person. You strive to make people smile. Because smiles are contagious. You love seeing joy in other people. Their happiness makes you happy.

Then a series of life events happen. (In my case – my only living parent (mother) has had a life-changing medical emergency. And a lot of other blah blah details come with that.) Most everyone around you has turned cynical, depressed, and pessimistic. That negativity begins to seep into your soul. No matter how much you fight it, you can feel it taking over. Some people may never notice the change in you, but you know it is there. You back off from everyone. You crawl into that hole. You cry. You shut people out. You cringe at every voice you hear. Even music doesn’t soothe you. The Dark Side is fighting hard to take over.

You know this is not where you want to be. So, you do what you do. Look at the facts and turn to your God. Write about it. Take a walk. Do whatever it takes to relieve your stress. Don’t let it build up. You know that you are not the only person dealing with these types of sensitive issues. Everyone has their own situations and demons that they are dealing with. Some worse than yours, some not as bad. Every person has problems to deal with. But it feels like you are so alone.

And that is when the light bulb goes off…

Everyone needs a shining light during troubled times. They need those smiling faces. Those words of encouragement. Those hugs. The husband who says he will call in sick at work to stay with you while you are having a rough time. (He who never calls in sick.) And you send him off anyway because you really do need some alone time. Those friends who send you home from work to take care of yourself. The girls’ night that has to be rescheduled – again – but that’s okay because they understand. They will have more wine next time you are together.

So now that I have had a little time to regroup and get my head straight, I am on track once again. Life does throw us a pile of crap sometimes. The world tries to steal the things from you that make you happy and bring you joy. When that happens, stand tall and fight back. Your family and friends do their best to see you happy. Take them up on that offer. It is up to you to make your day the best it can be. Just like my mom told the doctors recently: “It does not pay to mope around. You do what has to be done to get better.” Words I will never forget. (love you mom!)

And with that, I end this first session of Flip-Flop Friday. Next time I will shoot for something more light-hearted. (and on time) I just had to get this off my chest tonight.


Yours – Taylor


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