Wednesday’s Writing Workout – #Exercise

smiley exerciseSkin slick with sweat, body temperature up, blood pumping, heart racing….

That’s it… Keep on exercising. Everything we do requires some form of exercise. It may be physical – running, bicycling, swimming, walking, golfing, or simply keeping your body in shape. Oh, wait, you say you don’t need exercise for your craft / hobby of writing? I get it. Writing isn’t physical, right? Yes, and no. You do need to exercise. Your body needs to be in shape to keep you going through the rigorous process of thinking, writing, editing, promoting, etc.

Most importantly you need to exercise your brain if you want to write. Yes, exercise your brain. How, you might ask. Easy. Read everything you can. Write every chance you get. Talk to others about every day issues. Listen to people’s stories about their lives. Research your craft and your ideas.

The more you work an organ, the more proficient it will become. The same goes for your smiley writingbrain. Work on your craft every day. Make it a point to do some type of exercise that will push you forward in your writing. The more you learn about your craft, the more you can give back through your writing.

To sum it up, never stop exercising… Write, read, converse, listen, research…. Just keep going!!

Til next time – Keep writing!

Love, hugs, and kisses! – Taylor

(Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and my thoughts only. What works for some, may not work for others. Use what you can.)

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