Wednesday’s Writing Workout – #perseverance

What happens once you’ve written and published a book or two? You watch the sales soar out of this world. You jump to Best Selling Author status overnight. You can quit your day job and write full-time. Congratulations!!

Oh, wait… That’s not exactly how things happen. Unless you are one of the very few lucky ones. Most authors do not get that instant gratification. After you’ve spent months (or years) writing your book, and the same time trying to get it published, you sit back and relax. And watch as your sales fluctuate up and down.

I have found most people don’t fully understand the ups and downs of sales. Even when your book goes on sale, the numbers may not be where you want them. You may sell thousands of books. Or your numbers may be closer to the hundreds. Heck, you may not get out of double digits. Where ever your sales are, don’t give up on your joy of writing.

Unless you are in it solely for the money, don’t let your sales (or lack of) discourage you. Keep writing. Keep sharing your words. Keep your head up!

Until next time.

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor





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