Flip Flop Friday – Holiday time

thanksgivingWith Halloween coming to an end, we now get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am not one to jump from witches and ghosts straight to holly and jingle bells. I enjoy Thanksgiving. I love cooking Thanksgiving Dinner and having the family over. It’s fulfilling, rejuvenating, and cozy. No matter if we spend a full day together, or if only a few hours are available, or even if it’s a long distance phone call, it’s all about being thankful for family and friends.

I’m not saying Christmas should not be displayed until after Thanksgiving. I just feel Thanksgiving deserves a little more attention. Share a little. There is plenty of time to celebrate both holidays. We don’t need to get in such a rush that we overlook giving Thanks to give Presents.

For me, this year will probably be like most others. I have already started planning for Thanksgiving Day. And yes, I will do some Christmas shopping and planning. The weekend following turkey day, I hope to put up and decorate my tree. But amidst the shopping and decorating, I will spend time with family and friends. Most importantly (to me) I will give Thanks for family, friends, jobs, health, shelter, food, and the list goes on.

Make your holidays memorable.

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor

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