Merlot and Madison County

Have you ever experienced that one true love of your life – the one that could not happen for some reason or another?

Set in the 1960’s in Madison County, Iowa, The Bridges of Madison County brings forth extra-marital affairs, true love, family life, and tough decisions.

Francesca Johnson, a mother and housewife, stays behind while her family goes away on a trip. During this time she meets Robert Kincaid, a traveling photographer who arrives in Madison County to photograph covered bridges in that area. The attraction between the two adults is so strong, they partake in a love affair. Their lives become intertwined to the point they must make some challenging, life-altering decisions. (If I keep going I will give out spoilers…)

~~~~~ This is one of my all-time favorite books, and movies. It is worthy of being paired with the soft, smooth, and elegant Merlot. A book about extra-marital affairs? That’s deep. (another glass, please) When you look at the situation through the lovers eyes, you see a deep, heart-wrenching story about soul mates. The taste of plums, black cherries, and chocolate blending on your palette give you the warmth and comfort to experience the emotions of Francesca and Robert.

This was a deep, moving love story about a traveling photographer and a lonely farm wife. Their brief affair was never portrayed as sordid, but one where two soul mates met at the wrong time in their lives. Therefore, I chose a rich, deep Merlot to indulge in while curling up near a crackling fireplace and diving into The Bridges of Madison County.

Comment with an answer to the below question to be entered in a drawing for an Amazon gifted ebook copy of The Bridges of Madison County.

??? What is one of your all-time favorite books, and why???

Love, hugs, and kisses – Taylor

8 thoughts on “Merlot and Madison County

  1. Although “Bridges” is one of my all time favorites, I must say “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks is on the top of my list! It is on the top of my list because the couple in the book withstood the test of time and always honored their commitment even in hard times! Just an awesome book!

    • Linda, “The Notebook” is awesome and a very uplifting book regarding commitments. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Hi Patricia! Honestly, I never heard of this book. But I just read the blurb and it sounds incredible. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This is a book I’ve read and re-read several times. I love to go back and read books because I always find something new on the second (or third) read. It’s comforting to revisit these characters.
    I’m not a great big wine drinker, I prefer a warm spiced rum!
    Although I had a rumberry sangria the other day that mixed rum, sangria, and blackberries and it was delicious. It was a nice tart drink, not too sweet.

    • Rumberry Sangria – That sounds amazing!!! Or just rum. Whichever. And yes, there is something new every time this book is read.

  3. Hi Taylor Anne! I enjoyed the movie but never read the book.

    My favorite book was published in the late 6os. It’s called The Sea Coast of Bohemia. It’s the sequel to A Banner with a Strange Device, (love them both) and follows the same characters, a group of former G.I.s and their women, trying to patch their lives together again in the late 1940s in Boston.

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