Author’s corner

Welcome Authors!

Authors, this is your corner. Here you will find bits and pieces of my author journey in the hopes that it will help you along your way. Take what you want and use it to advance your writing.

This path we take leads us through:

  • fear of putting ourselves out there
  • joy when we receive good news
  • confidence as we make new author / reader friends
  • despair when we feel inferior to others
  • perseverance the moment we decide to Do This!!

Writer’s Initiatives, Needs, & Expertise (W.I.N.E.)

You want to be an author but don’t know where to start. Or, you’ve created your best and aren’t sure what’s next. Download this Quickie Sheet and get started on your road to publication!


Check back often as I will be updating and adding new information that I hope is useful to you!!