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A casino, a cop, and two women

I am a romance author. Surely I can overcome a struggle with tying up the details of a murder scene in a romantic suspense book.

During the writing of Smoke and Mirrors, I came to a question point. I had the murder / drug deal laid out for Abby to witness. The issue I was having was how to capture the villains’ actions so they could be pinned with the crime.

Jump to the below:

My bff and I were at a local casino deli shop. It was late and we were getting hungry. Our hubbies had left us to ourselves earlier in the day. We spent the afternoon working on our crafts – yes, with the casino calling us from down the hall. The thing is, when we get together for a girls’ weekend, we work. As in, I write and she works on her projects. In this case, the casino was just a convenience because the night before we and our hubbies went to a concert. We just needed a room to work, eat, and sleep.

Standing in line waiting to order our food, we continue our previous conversation about how tosmoke and mirrors cover photo catch these criminals in Smoke and Mirrors.

“But remember, he’s a dirty cop. So he knows how to set the scene,” Brandy said.

“Yeah, but he’s not thinking straight at this point. That’s not our problem. We need to figure out how the cops catch them. They’re in an alley in the streets of New Orleans.”

We both look at the man in front of us. He is glancing at us over his shoulder. And he is a cop. He’s probably wondering why the hell these two drunk women are discussing dirty cops, murder, and drug deals. (BTW – we were not drunk. Maybe a little tipsy.)

“Ask him,” Brandy whispers (loudly) to me.

I shake my head. “I don’t know.” Yes, she is the more outspoken of the two of us. So she turns to him, I turn red, and she digs in.

“Sir, my friend here is a romance author and we need a cop’s perspective. Not that you are a dirty cop or anything, but can you help?”

He smiles. There is no way he is believing this. But, he humors us anyway. “Sure.”

“No, really. I am an author. My son directed me to Lieutenant XXX, and I reached out to him, but he’s been very busy.” I said this hoping to convince him we are real.

“Your son?” I gave him my stepson’s name, who is on the local force. He laughed. I look at my friend and wonder what’s so funny. This cop shows me the name of whose dinner he is picking up at the deli. It just so happens to be my daughter-in-law. Yep, my stepson’s wife was working as a dispatcher at the same station as this cop.

We all had a good laugh, and then he asked what our dilemma was with the story. Brandy and I animatedly give him a very brief rundown of the story and the scene I’m struggling with. To know us is to know that when we discuss either one of our projects, we get very excited. So, again, I’m sure this cop thought we were nuts. But in the end, he gave us the solution we needed.

Then he went back to work, delivered my daughter-in-law her dinner, and asked her if I really was a romance author. (yikes) Although I never got his name, he is mentioned in the Dedication of Smoke and Mirrors.

It’s all about research and resources.

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Cruises and proposals

Carnival Triumph

Cruises and proposals. What could be more romantic? As a writer, this was a great story opportunity. I love taking real life stories and intertwining them in my books. As a romantic, oh my, how sweet!

Every cruise we take, we always go to the Love and Marriage show. It’s a throwback of The Newlywed Game for those of us who remember that t.v. show. Laughter rolls as you listen to the contestants answer questions about each other. Watch out when they start asking about exes. Oh, and to add some extra fun, play along with your own spouse. Just keep it lighthearted – maybe skip the ex questions. lol.

This last cruise we went on, there was a twist to the Love and Marriage game. The cruise director, Jess, called up the three sets of contestants. Couples that had been married the least amount of time (3 days), the most amount of time (44 years), and somewhere in between. Before beginning with the shenanigans, the cruise director asked the audience who had been dating for the longest time. A couple in the front row had been together 17 years and never tied the knot. (This couple was from my state of Louisiana!)

Jess brought them up on stage. Yes, you guessed it – he got down on one knee and presented her with a ring, and asked her to marry him. Of course she said YES!! I mean, would any woman say no in front of hundreds of onlookers? AWWWW…. how sweet that was! A refreshing twist to an old game.

Confession time:

So tell me, where were you proposed to? Or if it was just too common to mention (like mine was), share with me your fantasy proposal. Not everyone has a cruises and proposals story, but each person’s is unique to them.

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Let’s hear those stories!!

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Professionals needed to help with writing

Writers’ Expertise – The next step

You’ve read Introductory Acts and What Writer’s Need. Next step is Writers’ Expertise. It is a joint effort from several professionals to put together a final project.


Below are a few tips to keep in mind when you get to this stage.

  • Websites are not mandatory, but they are beneficial.
  • Your editor will become your best pal.
  • Publishers – research what avenue you want to pursue.
    • Traditional
    • Small Press
    • Indie
  • Cover art that pops.
  • Formatting needs to be neat and professional.
  • Branding lets readers identify with who you are.
  • Promoting your image with the author world.
  • Marketing your books to readers.

Websites, social media, editors, publishers, cover artists, formatters, etc. This is a beginning list of professional services you need to get familiar with. You can do some of these tasks yourself. Make a list of your skills and work from there. Everything else, you will need to hire out. Search the internet, ask for referrals, make contacts on social media to find someone that understands your vision. Before making a commitment to someone, talk or chat with them so there is an understanding of what you are looking for. And take recommendations. My indie book cover artist recommended the formatter to me. The connection worked knowing they already had an established relationship in the book world.

I hope these tips help you. Over the next several weeks, I will put together a Quickie Sheet to offer you. I am here to share my experience with you so your journey can move along smoothly. If you have any questions, please contact me via email taylor@tayloranne.net

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Seven steps to writing

Initiatives – Introductory acts or steps. Once you’ve decided on your reason for writing (see last week’s post) you need to take the initiative to get it rolling. There are many steps needed in the beginning of your journey, however, this week I’m focusing on just a few of those initial acts. They are geared to keep you on track and on fire. Below is a list of seven steps to writing your way to your goal.

No one except you can make your writing dreams a reality. Get in the right frame of mind and keep pushing forward. Remember, it’s totally up to you to make writing work for you.

Writers’ Initiatives – Your beginning

Seven steps to writing:

  • Have a deep desire to write your best book.
  • Keep a positive attitude in order to achieve your goals.
  • Define your personalized creative space. (Spare room, kitchen table, coffee shop)
  • Learn a basic knowledge of the craft.
  • Enlist a writing buddy to toss ideas around with.
  • Seek the support of family and friends.
  • Gain the confidence to go forth with your plans.

Take the initiative to advance your writing.

Next week I will discuss Writers’ Needs, followed by Writers’ Expertise the following week. Each step focuses on a different part of the journey, however, they all work together. In the end, you will have the basic knowledge to get started, push through, and end up with a great product. At the end of this blog series, I will have a special download offer for you. Follow this blog for updates.

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What is your reason to write?

What is your reason to write? Your why? Maybe it’s your life dream to become a stay-at-home author making a full-time income. Maybe you treat it as a hobby. Writing is an escape from daily life as well as a stress reliever. Or maybe it is your passion. Dig deep into yourself and pinpoint where you are going with your writing.

Creating fictional stories is my way of escaping and relaxing. I wrap my head around my characters’ lives and experience what they experience. Feel their pain, struggles, tears, laughter, joy, and love. At the end of my stories there is always a Happily Ever After. So if my world gets dark, I rely on my characters to pull me out of that funk.

Writing is my passion, my reason to write. Through that passion, I create romance books where readers are lost in a fictional world for a few hours. They can throw their worries aside for a while and walk a different journey through my characters. If one person finds their escape, then I have succeeded.

My writing expedition has also led me down the path of empowering other authors. I enjoy sharing my experiences in order to make someone else’s journey a little easier. Through blogs, Facebook posts, videos, and books, I hope to help someone find their way to their writing dream.

There are many reasons for venturing down the author road. None are wrong. You just have to find the right reason to write that fits you. Find out your why for writing and you will be on your way. Whatever your reason, embrace it!

Next week I am beginning a series of blogs focusing on Writers’ Initiatives, Needs, and Expertise. (yes, that translates to W.I.N.E. – you know I can’t resist the correlation.) This will include what you need to get started, your needs during your journey, and how to tie it all up nice, neatly, and expertly.

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